Mar. 11th, 2017

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First I would like to apologize for getting way behind on reading all your journal entries.
Unfortunately for the next week or so, it will probably only get worse.

I am about a couple of hours away from catching the shuttle bus up to the Minneapolis airport for my flight out to Las Vegas.
I took a wee little nap today. Otherwise I have done some laundry. Dad thought he would run out of cloths before I got back home. lol... Ran some errands, bank, post office, car mechanic. Also been doing some made ticket shopping. Getting some tickets to different museums out in Vegas and also a show. Going to see the classic impersonator/comedian Rich Little.
I still haven't decided if I am going to try and see Rod Stewart yet. I think I will wait until I get out there and go to the box office at Caesar's Palace and see what's available.
Dare I admit, I still haven't gotten my suitcase packed? LOL.............. No clue what I am waiting for. :o

Anyway, I guess I should be getting off the computer shortly, and get my butt in gear.
Please take care and drop me a message if I am missing something big.
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To leave you with something sweet to pass the time...

Guy No. 1:
AA Man With Dog 6

Guy No. 2:
AA Man With Dog 9

Guy No. 3:
AA Man With Dog 10


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