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For me that would be Roger Moore.
I prefered the balance of Action and Sophistication. :)
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I would have to say, In the Ghetto.

And of course youtube is not cooperating to post it. :o
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It's not snowing now. It did snow on Friday.
It was enough to make the roads really crappy on my drive into work Friday night. My very large car felt like it was shimying all the way down the highway. :o
The weatherman said we had 2 inches here in Stewartville. YAY for a somewhat white Christmas after all.

Oh wait, they are calling for a high temp of 40F today/Sunday, and last I looked no precip in the forecast before Christmas.
A brown Christmas in Minnesota is just wrong and sucks. :(
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I guess I would have to say "A Bishop's Wife".
It stars Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young.
It is the original and much better movie to the more recent The Preacher's Wife
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I have met a few, mostly at book signings.

Off the top of my head...
Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York
Greg Louganis, Olympic Diver
Brett Butler, Actress/Comedian Grace Under Fire
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I think I would have to go with The Bells of St. Paul sung by Linda Eder.
Such a beautiful song.
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I am not sure what the extra ingrediant that Polysporin has over Neosporin, but whatever it is I am allergic to it. It gives me a red rash.
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I get to stare at The Haunted Masion of Walt Disney World. :)
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My ego, or lack there of, would have to say Charlie Brown. :p
I don't generally feel special, and quite often I feel kind of put upon by the world. :p
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It would have to be, to go back and never meet The Stripper and his gang.

Life would have been sooo much better. :o
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That would have to be Live and Let Die from the Bond movie of the same name. :)

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I have been betrayed by friends, but no forgiveness was asked, and to be honest, none was offered either.

Like an elephant, I don't easily forget.
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He's Pretty She.
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My first thought is, I would give it away.
I don't really care to live for ever.
Then I start to think, it would be kind of fun to see how things change in the world. Hopefully not for the worse. :(

I think I would give it away.
Not sure to whom. First come first serve to my friends.
Wouldn't give it to a stranger. Wouldn't want it going to some nutjob that wants to take over the world or something. :p
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Umm... Umm... Umm...

I guess I would have to say Florence Park by default.
Our little town doesn't exactly have tons of "beauty". :(
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I think I would have to go with Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days.
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I will admit I am shallow and say, Yes. :p
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That is way too easy to answer.

My current car is the most expensive and worst purchase I have ever made.
It should have come with the instructions: Just add sugar and water.

If I had known the Lemon Law covered used cars it would have gone back right away.
Instead I am stuck with it.
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I think Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" would be a good choice. :)

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