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Gaming is what I do, and so far it's taken over me, ^^ I am not dead yet. I just joined DJ where I first started blogging many moons ago. I guess you'd say that I am getting back to where I belong. IDK exactly why I think of the Beatles but I do whenever I hear someone say they are getting back to basics.. y'know?

Yes, so if you are on Deadjournal like I am... add me: v4mpirekitt3n. AND, I have 3 invite codes... so if anyone in my circle wants a Deadjournal ask me and you will receive a code! Sound groovy?

Right now, I'm going to go on my new fav pet site -- nope,  not elitist Neopets but Flight Rising! If you are on FR add me: albatrosswing.


My babies!

Sep. 11th, 2017 12:39 pm
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If you haven't checked out this game, I suggest you do fast. Their registration time period is right now (as of yesterday) and they give about a week and then if you haven't registered, then you are SOL.

This game is phenomenal as my friend Leslie would say. If you do sign up, please put albatrosswing in the referral box. TY.

Oh and btw, The pretty cream and pink dragon is WingedPeach and the dark and awesome one is Orkatix. I can't wait for Orkatix to mature bc I want to get the two mating like rabbits!


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I just made an account. My username is albatrosswing. I have two dragons right now. One is WingedPeach, I named her that bc of her coloring, Here she is.


I just got this beautiful guy...

Can't wait to see what comes of this pairing!

Sweet eh? I can't wait to see what their babies will look like


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