May. 1st, 2017

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Movie Meme...
Whom did I steal this from? lol...

Movie I Think Is Overrated: Toss Up Titanic/Avatar
Movie I Think Is Underrated: Prince of Persia
Movie I Love: Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Movie I Secretly Love: I openly love all movies I love.
Favorite Action Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Perarl
Favorite Drama: The African Queen
Favorite Western: McClintock
Favorite Horror: Dracula starring Bela Lugosi
Favorite Comedy: Bringing Up Baby
Favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie: The Neverending Story
Favorite Animated Movie: How do I possibly choose?
Favorite Superhero Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Favorite Romance: Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Favorite Musical: Mary Poppins
Favorite Documentary: Fahrenheit 9/11
Favorite Bad Movie: Xanadu
Childhood Favorite: The Wizard of Oz
Favorite Director: Robert Stevenson
Favorite Actor: Cary Grant
Favorite Actress: Elizabeth Taylor
Favorite Movie This Year So Far: Beauty and the Beast
Worst Movie So Far This Year: I've only seen two movies so far this year and neither one was bad. :o
Movie I Have Recently Seen: Born in China
What I Thought of it: It was beautifully photographed. A very good Disney Nature movie, but I think they tried to cover too many animal families.
Favorite Movie Of All Time: Gone With The Wind


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