Apr. 6th, 2017

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Monday March 13th.....

Does anybody still remember or care that I went on vacation last month? lol...

So, Monday morning we eventually got up and going again. I wanted to head over to New York New York to go to their Cirqur du Soliel box office to see about getting tickets to The Beatles Love show. After circling around the shops area and finally stopping somebody and asking for directions we did find the box office. It seemed much harder to find this time, then when I was out there two years ago and went to the Cirque du Soliel show there. :p Anyway, got there and was first in line. They finally opened up and we got two tickets. We were about four rows up from the very bottom, which put us just above stage level. Not too bad. I don't think I would want to be any closer.
After we left the box office we wondered through the shops area again, and walked past a little stand that had donuts and other baked goods. We didn't stop, but I was sooo tempted. They had raised glazed donuts the size of a dinner plate. LOL........ It's on my list to stop the next time I get out to Vegas. LOL.......... After wondering through a store or two we got back out on the stip and started wondering up towards The Bellagio. They have an atrium type room that they do floral displays in. This years, or this time of the year the theme was a Oriental Garden. Pictures to come. :)
From there we wondered up to Caesars Palace and strolled through their Forum Shops. Not like we could really afford anything in there, but it's always fun to wonder through. Couldn't justify the prices to stop and get a piece of cheese cake at the Cheesecake Factory. :p
Back out on the Strip and we crossed over to the other side and stopped into Margaritaville. The wait time wasn't quite so bad this time so we sat down and waited. Once we got seated it was hard decision time with the menu. I eventually decided on coconut shrimp and I had my one and only alcoholic drink of the trip. It was called something along the lines of Don't End the Party or something like that. It was yummy and so was the shrimp. :) After the meal it was mandatory stopage in the gift shop. :p I walked away with only some post cards. lol..........
From there we just strolled down the Strip back to Hooters to chill before going to see The Beatles Love that evening.
After fighting the crowds on the Strip the night before trying to get up to Madame Tossuads we left about 2 hours early to get back up to The Mirage to see the show tonight. So of course we made great time and had plenty of time to stand around and wait. We met up with Angie and her mom and one of her Aunts. They were busy attacking the slots. Eventually I could see lines forming for the show, so we said our goodbyes. That was also our goodbyes for the trip as they were heading home the next morning. The "doors" finally opened and the mad dash to hurry up and wait began. Joe found himself a "cheap" bottle of water and we eventually found our seats. As I said before we were just above stage level. Our seats were basically at stage level. The show was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to be disappointed by Cirque du Soleil. :) At the end of the show we covered in confetti and streamers. YAY more for my show confetti collection. Yes, I collect weird things. :p
We eventually got out of the theater and the casino. We headed for the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. They have a restaurant/bar called The Ketchup Bar. It's kind of like a sports bar. Anyway I wore my I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup tshirt for the occasion. So you can imagine I was a little pissed when we walked up to the place and they were in the process of closing up. It was only 11 pm. Their web site says they are open until 2 am. The guy cleaning up the bar got a chuckle out of my tshirt. I said yeah, I wore it on purpose to come eat here. To which he said, Well, we open at 10 am tomorrow. That's nice, but who wants burgers at 10 am? So we headed back out onto the Strip. We stopped at the 24 hour food court down by the M&M store. They have different definitions of 24 hour service then I do. It was slim pickings. Joe found some things to munch on. I was being pissy and didn't. So I sat and chatted while Joe ate. :p
From there it was back to the hotel and another quick night of sleep.
Tomorrow we are heading Downtown........
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Was the architect drunk?
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More Vegas )
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Some random pics on the Strip. Night time and Day time...

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Vegas Continues )
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Russia: Syria Gas Attack Victims Faked It

We’ve seen this movie before, and it’s just as ugly the second time around.

Michael Weiss

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Less then three months into his regime, and Cheeto has already gone to war. O.M.g.!!!!!!!!!!!!


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