Mar. 27th, 2017

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Sunday March 12th...

Today Joe and I were playing tourist guides for my other friend, Angie. Her mom and the rest of her family were doing a day trip over the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and her mom wasn't comfortable leaving Angie alone in Las Vegas so she personally asked me if I would watch over Angie. lol...
So Sunday morning we all met up outside The Luxor resort to see Titanic: The Exhibition there. It was really a moving experience to see all the artifacts that have been brought up from the ocean floor. We got the audio tour thingies with our tickets too. That was very informative. With our tickets we were also given "boarding passes" of actual passengers from the ship, and at the end of the tour they had lists to see if you survived or not. They also had some replicas of things from the ship like the grand staircase. They also had a fake "iceberg" on display. It was quite chilly in that room. You could also touch it to get the feeling of how cold it was. Also they said that the salt water icebergs were also colder then this fresh water version. I think one of the most moving parts of the tour was near the end and they had an actual piece of the Titanic haul.
When we got to the end and came to the list of passengers. I found my name and I was not a survivor, although my wife did survive. We were first class passengers, so I guess it was a case of the man doing the correct thing and letting the women in the lifeboats. I can't remember my name now, but I was an author. I have the card at home, but I am at work at the moment. I need to try and see if any of the guys books are available now. I am kind of curious.
The only thing I didn't like about the tour was photography was not allowed, and they did have guides periodically through out the place.
From there we made our way over through The Excalibur and then across the street to New York New York. I think we stopped in the Hershey Store. So Much Chocolate... Then we crossed the street and headed for the M&M Store. Four stories of so much fun. :) We sat and watched the 3D "movie" I Lost My M in Las Vegas. It stars Red and Yellow, and Red gambles away his M at a casino.
Then we went "next door" to the Coca Cola Store. It's two stories of all things Coke.
We continued wondering up the Strip. I think we stopped into the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood because Angie wanted to get a Lobsterpop. Basically it's a lobster tail on a stick. Angie likes her lobster. :p
After the lobster we stopped into the Paris resort because Angie wanted to check out the gift shop with the Eiffel Tower. It's kind of disappointing. Fairly small and nothing too special.
Dang, I should have taken notes about our days out there. Joe says we separated and went back to our hotels to rest before moving on to Madame Tussauds wax museum. I thought we kept moving on.
Either way we eventually went to Madame Tussauds to check out the wax. Joe and I had been there before but Angie hadn't. I booked ahead and got the cheapy after 5 pm tickets and also got us each a program that's suppose to be a history of all the wax works. To be honest, I haven't looked at it yet. :p Anyway, a few figures were no longer on display and some had moved. My hubby Ben Affleck wasn't on display, but Brad and Angie were, but they weren't standing together. lol... Elizabeth Taylor was gone and so were the Political figures. At the end of the tour you could watch a 3D movie about the Marvel characters or you could skip it and head straight to the gift shop. I kind of talked Angie into seeing the movie. What the heck, we paid for it, might as well get our moneys worth. :p It was fun, although the animation was a little stiff in places. Of course the good guys defeated the bad guys. :) Then it was the gift shop which was pretty dullsville. I would guesstimate at least half of it was Marvels merchandise, and the rest of just kind of lame stuff.
From there we went across the street to The Mirage resort because I wanted to check the box office for the Cirque du Soleil The Beatles Love tickets. Of course in our perfect timing this trip, the box office was just closing. The lady said we could go to the concierge desk and they could sell us tickets if we used credit cards. I was looking to use actual cash. I mentioned that it was kind of pain to have to come all the way back up the Strip in the morning to buy tickets and she informed me that we could go to any Cirque box office and get tickets for any of their shows. That was good news because New York New York which is just down the block from Hooters has a Cirque show/box office. :) So we stopped over to the Love gift shop and I picked up a tshirt and program. I figured why not get it now instead of fighting the mob tomorrow night after the show. :)
From there Joe and I parted company with Angie. She going up to her room, and we heading out to find some real food, our first since getting to Vegas. :o
We stopped at Margaritaville but they had like an hour wait time, so we kept moving dow the strip. We eventually settled for Denny's. We filled our bellies, but I have to say their menu was kind of disappointing. Nothing to write home about. :o
From there we headed back to The Luxor because Jon wanted to spend a small fortune at the Titanic gift shop. I could because they ship things home for you. LOL... I wanted to get some breakable things and my suitcase was not big enough. LOL........
After dropping a wad at the gift shop we decided to head back to our hotel and get off our feet. One little problem, we proceeded to get a wee bit lost trying to get out of The Luxor resort. LOL.................. Eventually we did, but then had issues with The Excalibur resort. After several wrong turns we eventually found our way back to Hooters and we put our feet up. LOL....................
End of day two.

I shall try to remember day three soon. :p
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Let the pictures begin.......
Do I try to make some order of them or do I just go chronologically? :p

These are the main headliners at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.
 photo 001_zpssxk01wz7.jpg
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