Mar. 24th, 2017

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Da Trip.....

I got done work on Friday March 10 at 7 am.

Then I had to decide, do I lay down for awhile or do I push myself to stay awake all day so I can start being up during the day time for my trip. I ended up staying awake most of the day with a small nap in the afternoon.

Still didn't have my packing done.

I was to catch the shuttle up to the Minneapolis airport at 3 am for a 7 am flight out.
My brother and SIL picked me up at about 2 am to drive me into Rochester for the shuttle. Not sure why so early, I didn't have to be there until 2:45 at the latest. Rochester is only about 10 minutes away. lol... So we sat there in the hotel parking lot waiting for the shuttle and of course they didn't show up until a couple of minutes after 3 am. :p
Then he made a stop to get some coffee and a couple of more stops to pick up other passengers. and off we went to Minneapolis.

I flew Delta and on the flight I was on the plane had video screens for each seat. You could watch movies or tv shows or play video games. I didn't have a head set, so I pulled up Gone With The Wind and proceeded to take a nap. LOL.........
When I woke up the two ladies I was sitting with were getting done with their show and started to play a word scramble game, and I kind of joined in. As we were landing in Vegas they asked how long I was going to be there, and I told then I was leaving Thursday. Oh, so are we. What time are you leaving. I am leaving at 7 am. Oh, so are we. lol.... I said I think I was in row 20 or 21, but they didn't have their seat assignment yet. lol...

As I was leaving the plane my brand new suitcase broke. One side of the handle snapped off. UGH... Thankfully I could use the telescoping handle as a carrying handle.
I hopped on the tram to the main terminal and found the door that our shuttle bus would be at. Then I proceeded to hunt for my friend [ profile] hoobird. We eventually met up and found our shuttle bus and headed for the Strip.

We were going to be stopping at my other friend, Angie's hotel to drop our suitcases off as it was way too early to get our room at our hotel. We, by the way, were staying at Hooters of all places. LOL... My friend, Angie, had more expensive taste, she was staying at The Mirage.
Aftrer experiencing a case of whiplash from the shuttle driver we were dropped off at The Mirage. I called Angie to let her know we were there and she was just sitting down to breakfast. I told her to take her time as the weather was really nice and it actually smelled like coconuts at the front door of The Mirage. lol.....
When Angie came out, she took us up to her room and we left our luggage there and headed out for the Strip. We needed to buy some toiletries and I wanted to check out tickets for the Rod Stewart concert on Wednesday, my birthday. :)
We roamed around a bit, one of the things I found was some postcards, that some of you have started to receive. :) Then went back to Angie's room to get our luggage and then headed down to Hooters dragging our suitcases behind us. :p It was probably a good 5+ city blocks away, and most of streets in Las Vegas, on the Strip, have cross over bridges with esculators on each side. Sadly, the esculators are frequently broken. We finally got down to the MGM Grand and were going to round the corner on the side walk towards Hooters, only to find out that the sidewalk was closed and so we worked our way through the MGM Grand. Came out their back door, which is actually their main entrance, and got back over to the sidewalk and finally arrived at Hooters. They were in the middle of doing some remodeling and so the check in area consisted of a little cubby hole basically. We got checked in after paying the STUPID resort fee. $150 on top of paying for the room. UGH... It's basically a second tax, because you don't really get anything for that money. :o :o :o We were on the 9th floor over looking the swimming pool. The room was nothing special, but it had two bed and eventually some air conditioning. Why do hotels in hot areas always leave the curtains open, and the A/C turned down?
We both kind of crashed after getting to our rooms. To the point of being too lazy to even go out and find something to eat for supper. :p I had packed a box of Godiva chocolates so we did at least have some sugar. LOL... I looked at the room service menu, and sorry, but I was not about to pay those prices for that food. :o
Eventually, we both called it a night and got some sleep. :)

And that was the end of day one in Las Vegas town. :p
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Today I get to send out...


To my friend [ profile] jcaton7111/[ profile] dinky77.

I hope you have a super terrific day. :)

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