Mar. 6th, 2017

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Tonight I went into Rochester to see a showing of the old classic Bette Davis movie, All About Eve. I LOVE old movies and this one is a great one.
I got to the theater and selected my seat.
I waited for seating to start.
Got my seat and read a few pages read in my nook before the movie started.
Just before showtime a guy comes in and up to me and tells me he is the projectionist. He apologized that there was suppose to be a preshow on the screen, but it didn't come with the movie, and also the movie starts a "few" minutes into the dialogue. Really? And because of this they, the theater, was giving free passes to come back and see another movie. Thank you, that's nice.
The movie started up and you could tell you were definitely missing some of the story build up. :o :o :o
Finished watching the movie and it was great. :)
I looked at my watch, and with the run time of the movie it should have been 9:30 pm. Any guesses as to the time? It was ONLY 8:45 pm. They were missing a whole frickin' 45 minutes of the movie. :o :o :o I really appreciated getting the free pass, but why didn't they just cancel the movie. :o I don't know what the 2 pm showing was like, but there were only 2 of us there for the 7 pm showing. I would have been pissed for driving into Rochester only to have it canceled, but it would have been a lot better then missing the first 45 minutes of the movie. :o UGH..................

On another note...
Does anybody have connections with Mother Nature?
I am currently scheduled to take the shuttle up to the Minneapolis airport Saturday morning to catch my plane to Las Vegas. One little problem, there is snow scheduled Friday into Saturday. I am think I am going to have to take the shuttle up the night before and spend the night in the airport to make sure I arrive in time to catch my flight. I would hate to stick with the morning shuttle and be delayed because of the weather. :o
So if you know Mother Nature, could you get her to cancel the snow?
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Seriously, the only thing that can be said is WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Carson: ‘Slave Ships’ Held ‘Immigrants’


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