Jan. 30th, 2017

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Another sad day in our country.....

Feds Blow Off Judge and Congressmen to Enforce Trump’s Orders at Dulles

Congressmen and lawyers—attempting to uphold a federal court order—were strong-armed by officials at Dulles Airport.


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I got a phone call from the medical neuro doctor this morning.
He wanted to do a follow up concerning the neuro surgeon Econsult. Which my doctor already discussed with me. He basically said, well it could be this or it could be that and once again it was nerves and they take a long time to heal.
Then he proceeds to start telling me that perhaps if things aren't improving in six months, I could come back in and see him and maybe do another EMG and consult the neuro surgeon again.
He tells me over and over that it's going to take up to two years to get better, and now he wants me to come back in in six months if things aren't better and spend a few hundred dollars more for absolutely nothing???
He asked me what I thought, if I had questions, and I told him just like I told my regular doctor, that I am done. I am not fighting with the Clinic to try and fix my problems.
It's just like all those feelings of frustration, depression, and anger came flooding back.
Bad enough I have to go back and see my doc in September for annual check up, so I can keep getting my meds.

Oh, did I mention, after having to get my blood tested because the doc stuck himself with the EMG needle, I can happily say, I am HIV and Hepetitis negative. :p

Is it March yet? I really need to get out of town. :o


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