Jan. 13th, 2017

disneydream06: (Frustration 2)
Some thing SUCKS.
I don't know if it's me, life, medical profession, just the doctors I am dealing with...
I am one Econsultation away from being told, Live With It. :( :( :(
I saw the neuro doctor this morning, and I no longer have Parsonage-Turner Syndrome.
Apparently I have just aggravated my supraclavicular nerve, or something like that. A one in a million chance injury while I napped on the couch. He examined me. We chatted. He said he would like to put through an Econsultation for a neuro surgeon to get his ideas on my situation. If nothing comes from that, I basically have wasted several hundred dollars in medical bills because then there is nothing to do for it. I can continue to do therapy, but basically if the strength in my shoulder doesn't come back, I get to live with the weakness.
As he was filling out the Econsultation he asked me what I was thinking. I basically spilled my guts that I worried I was going to come in today and be told there was nothing to do for it and live with it. Every time I come in because of some problem no matter what results may show in tests I am told there is nothing wrong and nothing to do for my problem. He said he understood my frustrations. Not that that helped me any.
He asked if I had any questions. I asked him if I needed to continue the restrictions. He didn't think so. He doesn't foresee that it will do any more damage, and that basically it was working around the weakness I had. I then asked, knowing he couldn't see into the future, if the surgeon says nothing and I "just" keep going to therapy, how long am I going to have to live with the weakness. He basically said, if after a year and there is no progress/improvement, that is probably where I am going to be at for the rest of my life.
Why can't I get a break??????????????????????????????

After getting home I got a phone call from the doctor's office to just let me know that because there is really just one surgeon that does this sort of thing, the Econsult won't happen until January 26th. Gee Thanks.

On a side note, when I went to work last night I checked the staffing sheet and they were only keeping me and floated away the other two aides. We looked fairly busy and I thought, I am on restrictions, why didn't they keep another aide? Then I noticed I wasn't listed as being on restrictions. WTF? I looked back through the last 3 nights and nope, I Wasn't listed as being on restrictions for the whole week.
So when my manager came in this morning I asked him about it, and his response was, Well, you already don't float because of the No Float policy for being there for 35 years, so he didn't post that I was on restrictions any more. WTF??? First of all I can still float if the station is so quiet they don't need any aides. Second of all, the charge nurse had said, if she knew I was still on restrictions they could have kept a second aide for the night.
I get screwed coming and going at that place.

Then to top off my morning, when I was driving away and heading home, some asshole turned into my lane and almost hit me and just drove away.

I seriously give up. :(


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