Jan. 12th, 2017

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I had my EMG test this morning.
It started off very promising. My appointment was for 8:45 am. I got called back at 8:15 am. YAY...
The EMG is a two part test. First they stick electrodes to your skin and shock your muscles. The second part they stick needles into your muscles and "listen" to them.
Sounds like fun, huh?
The shocking part wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't want to have it done every day. The only part I questioned was, they just shocked from basically the elbow down to my hand. I thought my problem was my shoulder. :o
Next came the needle/"listening" part. Switch out the technicians and bring in the doctor. :p He started at my hand and worked his way up my arm, around the back of my shoulder, and up to my neck. Initially putting the needles in wasn't a big deal, but then he had me flex the muscle and yeah, not the mot pleasant sensation. :o A couple of them hurt quite a bit.
When he was done he said he was going to check with his consultant to make sure he got every thing they needed. A couple of minutes later he comes back with his consultant and she apparently wanted some more because she poked me I think about 3 more times. That not being enough, she said she was going to have the techs come back in and shock me a few more times. Then I could go home.
Everybody rotate...
While they were setting up and getting ready the consultant poked her head back in and said not to let me leave after they were done. Umm, okay...
They came back in and first shocked my right arm and shoulder, because they said they wanted to be able to compare. Then they moved over to the left and shocked that shoulder and then the arm some more.
The first doctor came in when they were done shocking me and said he had stuck himself with the needle while checking me and so they needed to get a blood sample from me.
Umm, okay...
I got dressed and waited for somebody to come in and get my blood.
A couple of techs finally came in and after two sticks got enough blood for the tests.
I was finally able to leave. About 2 hours and 10 minutes later.
Tomorrow I see the neuro doctor to see what he has to say about every thing.

On a side note, every time somebody does something to you at the Clinic they make you tell them your name, some times spell it out, and give them your birth date.
When I was called back for the EMG and all through the process I don't think I was once asked for any of that information. I think the only time anybody asked me was when the techs came in to get the blood specimen at the end of it all.

Sorry for falling behind on LJ reading.
I have Friday night off and hopefully I can get caught up. :)


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