Jan. 7th, 2017

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So anyway, Friday I had a return visit with my Family Med doctor. Primary reason was the follow up on my work restrictions, but also the follow up of the MRI and Ortho visits.
He openly admitted to now knowing anything about Parsonage-Turner Syndrome other then what he and his shadow he had that day had read in the last 3 minutes.
He said the only real thing to do was wait for it to get better.
I bit my tongue, for the moment, about what I read that nerve or tendon transfers were a surgical fix.
He said he saw that the Ortho guy talked about an EMG test, an Electromyography. It uses needles and/or electrodes hooked up to electricity to test muscles. Anyway he ordered the test. I have that done next Thursday. He said it might be a little while before we could figure out an appointment to see the neurologist.
As for the work restrictions, he wasn't sure what to do about those. Now that we weren't worried about protecting a torn rotator cuff any more, he wasn't sure if the restrictions were needed. I told him one problem was, the Clinic has a policy that if you are on restrictions for 12 weeks or more, you can lose your position, not your job, but your position. I told him, push comes to shove I will go off restrictions because I don't want to lose my position. Of course you can always play the system and work for one pay period at full productivity and then go back on restrictions. UGH to the loops you have to jump through here.
In the end he kept me on the restrictions for two more weeks and then most likely I will have to go off them to keep my work position. I suppose it may depend on what the neurologist has to say.
So after leaving there with my EMG appointment, I went home and stayed up for awhile. Then after barely getting to bed, the phone rang and it was the Clinic wanting to arrange an appointment to see the neurologist. So I will be seeing him Friday morning. Fingers crossed tightly for some answers after that appointment.

Friday evening I looked up EMG to get an idea of what the test all involved and I found some information on the Mayo Clinic's own web pages.
I decided to look up Parsonage-Turner Syndrome and I was taken to this page, http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/brachial-plexus-injury/home/ovc-20127336
It doesn't use the name Parsonage-Turner Syndrome by name, but it's the brachial plexus injury that is the PTS problem. Any way I looked through this information and came across this under the Treatment page...
Surgery to repair brachial plexus nerves should generally occur within six to seven months after the injury. If nerve surgery occurs more than six to seven months after the injury, the muscles may not recover their function.
Now if I can stumble across this information, why can't my doctors?????
So I will wait now to see what the EMG shows and what the neurologist has to say, but then I will point this out if they keep saying, Just Wait. :o


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