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And they control our country. :o :o :o

South Dakota Republican whip shares meme supporting vehicular attacks on protesters

By Walter Einenkel

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I was never a huge fan of Gerard, but with this, I don't have time for him any more.....

Gérard Depardieu Believes The Pentagon May Have Created AIDS—And That’s Just the Beginning

In a wild interview with Lloyd Grove, the French acting legend defends his friendship with Putin, shares Holocaust conspiracy theories, and much more.

Lloyd Grove

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Well, dang it all, I forgot the 80s again this week. :o :o :o

Bananrama took this song to No. 1 back in 1986...

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Trump: ‘Rocket Man’ May Leave U.S. No Choice But to ‘Totally Destroy’ N. Korea

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Finally a football player doing something good...

The Eagles’ Chris Long Is Donating Six Game Checks To Fund Scholarships in Charlottesville

by Tod Perry

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In August I went to see Pat Benatar.
She was also at the Minnesota Zoo. I already shared the picture I had taken with them.
To be honest the Meet and Greet that I bought, other the the close seat, was not worth the price.

 photo 071_zpsuhsyzcn0.jpg
The Concert )
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Even with the cancelled concerts I have had this year, it's been very busy and I have done nothing to let you know about it all. So I am going to do some picture posts to try and catch up.

Back in July I saw the singer Jonny Lang up at the Minnesota Zoo. They have a Summer series of concerts after hours in the little ampitheater where they hold their bird shows.
Jonny Lang is kind of combination of Rock and Blues.

 photo 061_zps48qc8qlm.jpg
More Pics )
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A meme I swiped from [personal profile] ashmedai.
I hope you enjoy...

1. Are your parents married or divorced?
Mom and dad were married for over 50 years when mom passed away.

2. Are you a vegetarian?
Not even close. I LOVE meat. :p

No question No. 3? :o

4. Have you ever come close to dying?
I don't think I have.
They say the good die young, and apparently I am too wicked. :p

5. What jewelry do you wear?
Earrings, Until There's a Cure bracelet, and a watch. Occasionally a ring or two.
A Few More Questions )
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More good news about my friend Angie down in Fort Myers.

She called last night, their house only has some minor roof damage, and their power, satellite dish, and internet are working already. :)
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One Day Late This Week. lol...

Berlin went to No. 23 with this song back in 1984.

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Woman Claims War Hero Raped Her After He Was Arrested for Raping Girl

Marine Col. Dan Wilson was charged with raping his subordinate’s 6-year-old daughter, but he wasn’t locked up. That’s when Jeri Walsh says he attacked her.


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I just got a phone call from my friend Angie down in Fort Myers, Fl.
She, her mom, and their new kitty are safe.
Instead of staying at the community center of their trailer park, they went to stay with her aunt in a house. They lost their cable, but still have power. :)
They are hoping to be able to go back and check on their house tomorrow. I would guess Monday might be more realistic.
But the best news is they are safe. Every thing else can be replaced. :)
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Can everybody please pray or keep good thoughts for my friend Angie, her mom and other family members down in Florida.
Looking at the radar, it looks like Hurricane Irma is coming ashore pretty much right on top of them. :(
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The Human League took this song to No. 8 back in 1983...

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I am going out of town for three nights.
I don't want to go into details right now, because it involves a surprise for somebody, and just in case she goes snoopy around the internet I don't want to blow it. :p
I am taking my computer, so I hope I don't fall too far behind on every thing.

I do ask another favor.
I am returning September 8th with a lay over in Chicago and that is the night I am going to the U2 concert in Minneapolis. I am suppose to arrive in Minneapolis at 5:40pm and the concert starts at 7 pm, so if can all keep the good joo joo going for no travel delays it would be appreciated. :)
By the way, you guys were great keeping the rain away from the Stevie Nicks concert. There were a few rain drops here and there, but the rain held off until, literally a few minutes after the concert got done. Then I got soaked walking back to my vehicle. LOL...........
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If this can't brighten your day, I think you are dead.....

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Kellyanne Conway was asked to describe Trump's #1 trait and oh Lord, you have to hear her response

By Jen Hayden

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Seriously Melania?????????

Melania’s Stilettos, Donald’s Khakis: The Trumps Are Indoor People

As the President and First Lady headed to Texas to survey the catastrophic damage of Hurricane Harvey, they were dressed like they were spending a day at the golf course.

Erin Gloria Ryan

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